20A MPPT Solar Charge Controller

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HQST MPPT Charge Controller applied Advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology to help regulate the power from your solar panel to battery with efficiency no less than 99.5%. This 20 Amp MPPT solar regulator adopts high quality components with maximum conversion efficiency of 98%. The MPPT battery charging can greatly increase the lifetime of your battery and has various unique functions and quite easy to use features. 

Key Features

A built-in maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm can significantly increase energy utilization efficiency of the photovoltaic system, which is about 15% to 20% higher than traditional PWM charging. 
Support standard Modbus protocol to meet communication needs in different occasions 
Built-in over-temperature protection mechanism ensures that when temperature exceeds the set value of the device, the charging current decreases linearly with the temperature, thereby reducing the temperature rise of controller and avoiding high temperature damage 
Temperature compensation and automatic adjustment of charge and discharge parameters help to improve battery life. 
Support automatic identification of lead-acid battery voltage. External LCD screen can be connected for viewing of equipment operating data and status, and modification of controller parameters is supported. 

Package Includes

One (1) 20A MPPT Solar Charger Controller

HQST 20Amp MPPT Solar Charge Controller 

  • Battery voltage: 12/24V 

  • Max. PV open circuit voltage: 92V(25℃);100V(Lowest ambient temperature)

  • Charge current: 20A 

  • Max. PV input power: 260W/12V 520W/24V 

  • IP rating: IP32 

  • Weight: 1.43 lbs 

  • Dimensions: 5.91 x 4.16 x 2.42 in 


Warranty Information

  • 1-year material warranty

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