About Us


Our Story

In 2015, HQST was established with a mission of delivering the most economical solar power solutions for everyone, everywhere, to empower more people with a bright, safe, and sustainable future.

Unleash your energy independence by installing a solar system using our high-quality and cost-efficient solar-powered products, including solar panels, charge controllers, batteries, inverters, and other required mounting accessories.

At HQST, we prioritize product quality and service over everything else. We use high-quality and long-lasting materials, offering decades of usability. We provide a quick response service whenever you encounter any issues during usage, helping DIY your solar system with ease.

No matter where you are, and where you're going, HQST will always power you up with the most cost-efficient solar solutions.

Solar Kits

Pack all of the components you need to build a solar-powered system.

Solar Panels

The most cost-efficient and sustainable way to power your adventures.

Charge Controllers

Regulate incoming solar power to maintain the battery's stable performance.


Store electricity to supply power off-grid or in emergencies.


Convert DC power into AC power to power most of your household appliances.


Complete your solar setup with wiring and mounting accessories.