20A/30A ANL Fuse with transparent holder

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The HQST ANL Fuse with A Holder is used in electrical systems to protect your charge controller, connecting wire, and battery from overcurrent. The fuse will fuse itself to cut off the electricity to protect your device and system when the flow current exceeds the safe limit. It is composed of alloy and brass copper materials and comes with a clear protective non-conductive resistant cover. This fuse set is ideal for custom installation.

Key Features

Over Current Protection
  • This HQST ANL 30A fuse is designed to protect your battery, connection wire, and charge controller from excess current. It will fuse itself to cut off the electricity when the current exceeds the safe limit of the electrical system.
Reliable and Safe
  • The fuse is ignition protected, with a gold-plated terminal contact for corrosion resistance. The transparent and non-conductive cover allows you to easily identify the operation status.
Replaceable Fuse
  • Compatible with all 20/30/40/60/100 ANL fuses. You can easily replace it yourself.
Common M8 Bolt
  • Adopting the commonly used M8 bolt, it supports the 10/8/6/4/2/0 AWG wiring cables.



Package Includes

  • One (1) HQST 20A/30A ANL Fuse with transparent holder

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