30Amp 12V/24V PWM Solar Charge Controller Regulator W/ LCD Display ,Dual USB Ports

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This HQST 30 Amp PWM solar charge controller integrates highly efficient PWM charging to increase battery life and improve PV system performance. It supports charging various 12V and 24V battery banks, including lithium and lead-acid batteries. It also features an LCD screen for displaying system operation information and data, and allows for full control of parameter settings.  

Key Features

Accurate Monitoring
Adopting an upgraded 32-bit chip, this 30 Amp solar charge controller enhances the data processing ability to trace data faster and monitor data more precisely. The LCD screen and settings button allow you to customize parameters and monitor the PV system in real-time.

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Easy To Install And Use
There are polarity (+/-) icons on the charge controller for easy wiring. It comes with 6 spade terminals for safer connectivity without shortening the circuit caused by the bare copper wires contacting other terminals.

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Works With Popular Batteries
This solar controller works with LiFePO4, Ternary Lithium, Gel, Flooded, AGM, and Sealed batteries. Supporting 12V (up to 450W) and 24V (up to 900W) PV systems, it can be widely applied on motorhomes, sheds, boats, water pumps, and more.

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Intelligent PWM Charging
Supports smart 3-stage charging (Bulk, Float, and Equalization) for Lead Acid Batteries and 2-stage charging (Bulk and Float) for Lithium batteries, which can regulate the flow of electricity to expand the battery's lifespan. For a dormant lithium battery, this PWM solar controller can send low current to activate it.

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7-Point Safety Protection
This PWM controller is equipped with dual MOS circuits to prevent reverse current. It protects against reverse polarity, battery overcharge, battery over-discharge, over-temperature, and short-circuiting. It also provides self-recovery protection for your PV system.

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30Amp 12V/24V PWM Solar Charge Controller

Package Includes

One (1) 30A PWM Solar Charger Controller

HQST 30Amp PWM Solar Charge Controller 

  • Battery voltage: 12/24V 

  • Battery Working Voltage: 8V - 32V;

  • USB Output: 5V/2A;

  • Charge current: 30A 

  • Max. PV input power: 450w/12v; 900w/24v 

  • Operating Temperature: -31°F to 140°F 

  • Weight: 0.64 lbs 

  • Dimensions: 6.3 x 3.9 x 1.5 in 

  • Enclosure Protection: IP32  

  • Terminals: 8 AWG to 14 AWG  


Warranty Information

  • 2-year material warranty

1.Will this work with sealed lead-acid (SLA) batteries and lithium batteries?

Yes, it works. This solar charge controller supports LiFePO4, Ternary Lithium, Gel, Flooded, AGM, and Sealed (Lead-Acid) batteries.

2. Can I use this with solar panel only? No battery backup?
No, you can't. The controller's purpose is to safely control the charging voltage and amperage delivered to the storage battery bank. The controller is powered by the battery, not the solar panel(s).
3. Will this charge controller work for a 36V lead acid battery bank or 48V lithium battery?

No, it only supports 12V and 24V batteries.

4. What are the positive ground and negative ground charge controllers?

In charge controllers, positive ground or negative ground refers to how the controller is wired internally. Positive ground means all the positives are hard-wired together, and the internal switching happens on the negatives. The negative ground is the opposite. It doesn't matter as long as your solar +/- runs to the charge controller and isn't grounded anywhere else. If you grounded the battery positive AND the solar positive, then you'd need a positive ground controller.

5. Does this 30 Amp PWM charge controller have a built-in 30A fuse for the rated 30A load output?

No, it doesn't. We recommend adding an external fuse between the charge controller and battery bank for safe system operation. To determine the fuse size needed between the charge controller and battery bank, you can match the amperage rating on the charge controller. For instance, if you're going to install this 30Amp charge controller, we recommend using a 30Amp fuse.

6. How many watts can this 30 Amp charge controller handle?

The maximum input solar power for a 12V battery system is 450W while for a 24V system it's 900W.

7. Why do I need a solar charge controller? What are PWM charge controllers?

A solar charge controller is a regulator for your solar battery that prevents it from overcharging. Batteries are rated for voltage capacity, and exceeding that voltage can lead to permanent battery damage and loss of functionality over time. Solar charge controllers act as a gate to your battery storage system, making sure damage doesn’t occur from overloading it.

PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) Charge Controllers work by slowly reducing the amount of power going into your battery as it approaches capacity. When your battery is full, PWM controllers maintain a state of "trickle", which means they supply a tiny amount of power constantly to keep the battery topped off. PWM controllers are more suited for small DIY solar systems with a couple of low voltage panels and a small battery.

8. What does 30Amp mean?

30 Amp represents the max amount of amps the controller can output going into the batteries.

9. When does the USB port have power? Only when the solar panel is outputting power or will it pull power from the battery?

Dual USB ports pull power from the battery.

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