Adjustable Solar Panel Tilt Mounting Brackets, Support Up to 200 Watt Panels, for Flat Roofs, RVs, Cabin, Camping, Off Grid System

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These HQST solar panel tilt mounting brackets are designed to help improve your panel's performance by adjusting the angle of the panels facing the sun. Install them on any flat surface or flat roof. Suitable for RVs, cabins, camping, and other off-grid systems.  

Key Features

Optimum Angle for More Power Output
Adjust the extension brackets to position your solar panel at the best angle for optimized performance. Gain up to 25% more power output by titling panels towards the sun instead of laying them flat. The tilt angle varies depending on the size of your solar panel.

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Compatible with Up to 200 Watt Panels
These solar panel mounting brackets are perfect for solar panels sized between 50 watt to 200 watt. You can use these brackets for HQST's 50W, 100W, and 190W solar panels. Not compatible with solar panels below 50 watts or over 200 watt.

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Lightweight and Durable
Made of corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, these brackets are lightweight and ideal for easy transportation and safe mounting. The stainless steel fasteners can withstand extreme outdoor weather.

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Install It On Any Flat Surface
This tilt mounting kit is designed for all flat surface and flat roof installation. A great addition for use on RVs, cabins, camping, and other off-grid systems.

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Pre-Assembled Accessories for Easy Installation
Pre-assembled brackets for easy bolts and nuts installation, eliminating the pain of finding the right bolts or nuts. What you'll get in total: 2 x Extension Brackets, 4 x Foot Brackets, 2 x Front L-Joints, 2 x Back L-Joints, 6 x M8 Bolts - 60mm, 4 x M8 Bolts - 25mm, 4 x M8 Bolts - 20mm, 4 x M8 Nuts, 10 x M8 Flange Nuts, 8 x M8 Spring Washers, 8 x M8 Flat Washers, 4 x Rubber Pads, 8 x Dacromet Wood Screws (6.3x80)

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Adjustable Solar Panel Tilt Mount Brackets kit 30inch

Package Includes

2 x Pre-Assembly Extension Brackets

2 x Pre-Assembly Foot Brackets

2 x Pre-Assembly L-Shaped Brackets

4 x Rubber Pads

8 x Dacromet Wood Screws (6.3x80)


Adjustable Solar Panel Tilt Mount Brackets  

  • Support Solar Panel Size: 50 watt to 200 watt;

  • Bracket Weight: Around 2.13 kg/4.7 lb;

  • Extension Bracket Length: 360 mm/14 in ;


Warranty Information

  • 1-year material warranty